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Cutting Edge


From manufacturing world first to clever safety initiatives, read about how we ensure that TCP is at the cutting edge of plant sales and hire.

At TCP we pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation - something recognised in our collection of awards.

Here are just a few ways we stay ahead of the competition.

Hydrogen fuel cells
We are the proud manufacturers of the world’s first low-energy, hydrogen-fuelled LED lighting tower powered by the BOC Hymera fuel cell. Instead of polluting exhaust fumes, all they produce is clean power and water vapour, making them the ultimate in eco-friendly lighting solutions. And, on top of their zero emissions status, they also produce zero noise, making complying with Section 61 a breeze.

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that our products are as economical as possible. For instance, all our LED lights feature a prismatic lens that makes the most of every lumen, magnifying the light output while maintaining a smooth, glare-free beam. It’s also not just our hydrogen offerings that are ultra-efficient, with our diesel options using 75% less fuel than standard mobile towers. As such, they’re capable of running for up to 170 hours unsupervised.

Safety is at the heart of everything we do.  As well as working with respected manufacturers such as Hamm and Ramax, we work hard to make sure that our own products raise the bar on site safety.  This dedication is shown by the development of the AMOSS, ‘Automatic Mast Operating Safety System’, that, once fitted, prevents operators from moving the light tower while the mast is raised. It’s a simple, low-cost solution to potentially expensive incidents and has been adopted by lighting tower manufacturers across the globe. Outside of lighting, we also specialise in remote-controlled rollers, insulating the user from harmful hand/arm vibration (HAV).

Fit for purpose
Whether you’re looking for an anti-theft lighting tower that’s ultra secure or one that’s as easy to transport as wheeling a barrow, we’ve got the lighting solution for you. With 30 years of experience across the UK, we understand what our customers need most, and design solutions to meet them. Everything is incredibly easy to use, with towers boasting the likes of multiple tie-down points and single-axis, hand-operated masts. Plus, you can be sure you’re picking safe products, either designed in house or chosen from our trusted manufacturers.